Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our profession:

We help the customer who looks for the income after retirement. You can visit our website and get the complete details about our service in the field. Our main motto is to offer the best plan for enjoying the retirement life.

Reason to collection the information:

We gather the user’s information for using only important purpose. The users must accept our privacy policy and others.


We get the details of the visitors that visit our site. We gather the information which available on the comment page. On the other hand, we also take the users IP address and search for the user agent. We aid the users to avoid the spam detection. The customers make use of the gravathar service policy that provided by our experts.

The visitor gets the anonymous message from the email in case of using our service. The profile picture of the visitor is also displayed visibly in our site. We publish the profile picture once the comment gets approval.

Media information:

The visitors should prevent uploading of the image that available in the format like embedded location data when uploading the picture to the site. You can carefully watch the details and then go to upload the image. The users also able to download any type of data based on the image from our site.



Whether you want to delete the command in our site, the visitors must have to save the name, website and email address in cookies. The cookies get the complete source of the data. This is ideal for the visitors that never fill the details again and again in our site. This is a great awareness among the visitors.  The cookies can manage the information for one year.

In case you manage own account with us and easily log on to our site, we maintain the temporary cookie for the purpose of evaluating the browser agree for the comments. The cookies do not store the visitor’s data and quickly delete when the visitors leave from the browser.

We also set different cookies to safeguard the login credentials based on the display choice. The cookies can store the information based on the option selected by the visitors. If you choose remember me the option, the login will remain for two weeks. The login cookies can be deleted very quickly once you log out the account.

If the visitors want to change the article available in the site, the cookies can save all the information in the browser. The cookies do not contain any personal data and just shows the post ID of the changed articles. The changed articles can be expired after the commencement of publishing.

Entrenched content from other sites:

The articles from our site keep up the rooted content like videos, images, articles, and lot more. The content can be published in the same way of other sites.  The site can readily gather the data about the visitors, cookies, third party tracking details, watch the interaction of the audience in the content and others.  You can log on to the website and track the interaction information.

What way to maintain customer’s data:

The comments and metadata of the customers are stored safely in the site. We cannot give it to others for unwanted use. We only approve the follow up comments directly rather than hold the comment. We manage the perfect queue to retrieve the data.

We safely store the personal information of the visitors that provided at the time of the registration. We allow all the visitors to change and delete the information provided in the site whenever. The website administrators view the changes in the visitor’s information.

Follow the right of data:

Whether you have the account on our site, you can capable to obtain the exported file of the information that available in the site. We legally manage the administration without any security issues.

How we send the data:

We protect the visitor’s information in a safe manner.  The comments of the visitors can be verified by means of the automated detection service. The visitors get the additional contact details on your site. The users get the additional details too in our site at any time.